Will I Continue to Speak of Love


Will I continue to speak of love
Though the words fall on ears that hear but a mouth that can not bear the pain to reply?
Perhaps…because they continue to resound in my soul
And I know they continue to ring true in the soul of who I gave my heart.

 I can no more forget the thoughts that have gone from dream to reality
Than I can continue to live without will the very next breath that I take
Some things are just as easy and natural as the air we take in like my love for you
Never thinking…only feeling

 Your love has given meaning to a bane existence
How is it those three simple words whether spoken
Or simply understood with one glance
Can bring upon a change that will last a life time?

Your, “I love you’s” may no longer echo in my ears
But they will forever haunt my heart
For once pierced by the arrow of love
Death unto that foe is sure…and fast as it is lethal

A fate that I willingly bear for you.

I have consummated you in my mind
Although our touch has not been physical
Our love has been one of sharing our inner most thoughts and feeling
With those truths so strong I can close my eyes and feel your touch

So what worth do words have?
Once spoken they are like dandelions that are scattered away in the wind
But my love for you resounds in the world of silence
Where not even music can capture the passion of what I feel for you

I love you.


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