The Knight

I once rode upon a white horse clad in my shining amour traveling the land to rescue and protect those who were unable to do so for themselves. Over those years I have won many battles. I have also lost my share as well. But the war continues and regardless of my advancing age I still see it as my duty to forge ahead in my quest. My steps may have slowed, my vigor not as is was as a young man but my experience serves me even more powerfully than speed and strength. My metal no longer shines. It is dull, dinged, tarnished and torn away. I have suffered the slings and arrows but have been fortunate to have been surrounded by those who have seen my pain, salved my wounds, lifted my spirit and restored my soul. It is for those I muster every ounce of fortitude within me to rise to every challenge placed before me. To right the wrongs. To free those whose bondage is found in the mind, body, spirit or heart. The people of the kingdom drive me to be more, to do more even if it is less with which I have to do it. So you will no longer find me in shining amour upon that snowy steed but you will find me. Tarnished. My sword weighing heavy on my arm but still with a purpose, a mission. You will find me ready to defend those that I love.
Once a Knight always a Knight
the knight

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