The Long Road Home

The best part of a date should be the date itself. However, that doesn’t always happen. Nothing in common, no chemistry, no connection. Difference in morals, values, faith. Today that was not the case. Many things seemed to be place. I believe that is because we had one thing…the most important thing in common. Our faith and trust in our Savior, Jesus Christ! If that’s not a firm foundation for a friendship or a possible relationship I don’t know what is. Fact of the matter is it’s a non-negotiable for me. I’m not looking for perfect because I’m not but I am looking for equally yoked. I’m not looking for spiritual equality. We are all at different places in our walks. What I am looking for is a partner who is daily seeking the Lord’s direction for their life and I believe she is!

So the best part today was the hours spent with her and that we want to invest more time in getting to know each other. For me feeling the same way in person as I thought I would based on texts and calls doesn’t always happen but this time they matched! I think that’s a healthy first step. And I want to take the next. One step at a time. I love that feeling of “being in love,” who doesn’t? That’s where I hope to be someday. Fall in love? Such a romantic thought but who ever fell on purpose? Most of the time falling is not intentional. Falling is by accident. I want the feeling again but when it finds me again it will be because I have chosen to step into love. Not fall into it. I know one date does not a relationship make or guarantee riding off into the sunset to that happily ever after. But I do know from meeting her today that I want to share some more sunsets together to see what God has in store for our futures.

Here I sit, hours later with her on my mind hoping I’m on her’s as well. Still smiling, still hopeful, and always lifting all my wants, needs, and desires to the Lord we both love and serve. In His time and for His purpose. I’m not always moved to write to this extent but today she inspired me. She moved me by her authenticity. To find this in a person is rare. And she? She is special. And I wanted her to hear it from me. So there you are. From my heart to yours!

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