A Friend of a Friend


I have a love/hate relationship with Social Media.  As I’ve said before, “Facebook is not where I live my life, it’s where I share it.”  And in this case something wonderful happened!  About a year ago I started sharing some of my writing with a Facebook (and personal friend,) Cindy Kelley.  She told me of her Facebook friend Kimanzi Constable who at the time was a contributing editor for The Good Men Project website.  Cindy thought Kimanzi would enjoy my writing style and he did.  One thing led to another and I was published on The Good Men Project site in January and the article received overwhelming response with tens of thousand of likes and shares.  This was truly an encouragement and validation that I had something to say worth hearing.  Kimanzi has become an unofficial mentor for me and an inspiration.  A man that began as a baker and now writes for a living.  An example that ANYTHING is possible.  Thank you Mr. K!

Kimanzi and I have shared this article on Facebook but I will share it again here for new followers.

4 Things a Man Can Do That a Woman Can’t Get Enough Of

You can follow both Cindy and Kimanzi in My War Room.

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