Music On…World Off


I saw this the other day and it transported me back to our evening at The Sharon. Maybe it was magical because of the music or maybe it was magical because I was sharing it with someone who feels the music as deeply as I. With the world outside the doors spinning, the storm raging we sat in the velvet seats like a caterpillar in its cocoon of peace and bliss. My heart wasn’t beating in rhythm exactly in time with the players but it did feel like it was beating as one with yours. And all we had to offer the offering was open minds and open ears. That was enough. For what is the striking of the keys and the bowing of the string with no one to hear? It is those on the stage and those in the seats that bring the soaring strains to life.

This is the result when we turn the music on and the world off. Something we do all too infrequently. Each of us has the music inside of us. A song we hum in our head, a tune we whistle with our eyebrows, a rhythm we tap inside our shoe that give us joy. Why is it that if we experience such contentment, such well being we are reluctant to share what gives us true happiness?

It is fear. Although there is nothing to fear.

Flip the switch.  The world will still be there when you’re ready to return.

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