Serendipity Strikes


It may be one of my favorite words.  Certainly, one of my favorite movies and it happened again on the dawn of this New Year.  Serendipity…finding something good without looking for it.

I love to write. However, I’m not a big reader or one that subscribes to New Year’s resolutions and I find myself bending both of those guidelines today.  I decided to start a daily devotional (that happens to start of January 1st) by author Sarah Young entitled
Jesus Calling.  As I’m reading the first day and having coffee my roommate peers over my shoulder and ask, “What are you reading?”  After a brief explanation, she brings a book from her library she believes I would like.  The title, Simple Abundance (A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach catches my attention and Serendipity Strikes.  Two different books by two different authors with the same first name!  And perhaps providing evidence that lightning can strike twice in the same place I find a weathered newspaper clipping just under the cover of this “Abundance.”

The dawn of a new year brings joy, hope for new beginnings by Dear Abby columnist Jeanne Phillips dated…you guessed it, January 1, 2017.  Should I mention that this column was reprinted today in my local paper?  Naw, probably not!

Perhaps this is a sign that good things are waiting for me in 2019.  Joy, regardless the lack of happiness involved.  Hopes fulfilled, and New Beginnings born.  Or maybe it means I should have started reading more years ago!  The article speaks of several New Year’s Resolutions and they all start like this:


If you read the article you will notice there is no, “I will try to…I will think about…I will plan to.”  There is only I WILL.  For all you Star Wars fans:


New beginnings generally start when something comes to an end.  It doesn’t mean it was bad.  It may have simply run it’s course or no longer serves you.  It may have even been good or enriched you with a life lesson preparing you for the best that is to come.

As I mentioned earlier the movie Serendipity is one of my FAVORITE movies with many great scenes woven together.  The most transformational for me it the following.  The obituary of Jonathan Trager.  This is not to mourn the passing of passing of Jonathan but to celebrate his rebirth.  One available to all of us who are willing to embrace the relentless, persistent pursuit of our heart’s desires!

You know, the Greeks didn’t write obituaries.  
They only asked one question after a man died:
“Did he have passion?”
~Dean Kansky, Serendipity

Here’s to finding something good.





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