I Run to You

Once again I run. I run to you. Never away…always to and you’re always there for me. To comfort, console, and encourage. You have never failed me and I suspect you never will. You are my constant…my North Star. There are times when tears flood from my eyes but when they fall into the vastness of your sandy beaches they disappear like they never existed. It makes me realize how small I am and how nothing I bring to you is too large for you to handle or comprehend. That reassures me and gives me calm.

There are times when you confront me with the cold, hard truth. Like a wave crashing down on me. Never to injure me but to remind me that life can be hard. That there are times when you must be tough on the outside and at the same time let your heart remain soft.

Your voice in the wind speaks to me saying, there is evil in the world but seek that which is good. Without darkness, there is no need for light…be that light. And love is not a feeling, it’s an action. You tell me I must love myself before I can truly love others.

I stand and look. From the sand to the water, and then the sky. You are my ocean. You are everything I feel but cannot touch although you touch me. You have shown me what I want in a friend, a partner, and a lover…that missing piece.

Each time I leave you I want to linger…to stay because you wrap me in true love that doesn’t caress my body but cradles my heart and I know I must walk away. Not to say goodbye but to share with others what you have given an taught me.

And one day I know will run to you again. Running not out of fear, frustration or failing but hand in hand with another who fills my soul. The one I want to share the teacher of my lessons with because it is you who brought us together.

I love you my Ocean.

*inspired by tdm

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