A Partridge in a Pear Tree

When does 13+12 NOT equal 25?  When you try to be cleaver and come up with your own 12 Days of Christmas.  One of my favorite movies of the Season, in fact, seasonless in this viewer’s humble opinion is the 1946 classic It’s a Wonderful Life with James Stewart and Donna Reed.  My Facebook friend to the North recently made this simply elegant statement;

“If you have never watched It’s a Wonderful Life, try to watch it this year.
It’s not corny. It’s raw. It has incredible power.
About the big importance of small lives.
About why we matter.
About the difference, a life can make.
About why we should stay alive.


So, back to my story.  After speaking with a friend earlier in December who has the same affection for IAWL that I do I decided to do an It’s a Wonderful Life countdown to Christmas starting on the 13th with some of my fond memories of the movie.  I didn’t realize in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that my “12 Days of…” would be complete on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day.  There should never be a sequel to the movie (and should have never been colorized) but I feel I should complete the “12 Days” I started with Day 13 and by the way the first REAL day of the Epiphany (12/26-1/6.)

“My” movie has many great moments and quotes that even the casual viewer has heard but perhaps my very favorite lines is the statement Clarence makes when George Bailey gets a peek at Bedford Falls as if he had never been born.


Let me wish all not only a Merry Christmas but a Wonderful Life (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree…whatever that means!)

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