O Holy Night

Christmas Eve 2016
Broadway & Magnolia Ave.
Ocala, FL, USA

This may be the last time I sit at this high top, laptop under my fingers, gazing out the window of Starbucks onto the Downtown Square illuminated by thousands of twinkling lights.  Not that I’m leaving town but Starbucks is moving down the road closer to the main highway to capture more revenue from increased  Drive-Thru business as they abandon the view.  I guess it’s not all about “Location, location, location.”  In this case, it seems to be all about the Benjamins and for me, especially this time of year therein lies the rub.  Retailers who only see people as a way to higher profits.  And people who only see the season as an opportunity to purchase products in lieu of making memories.  It’s sad that these days no sooner do our kids take off their Halloween costumes the turkey and pumpkin pie of Thanksgiving are treated as little more than an appetizer instead of a meal being run over by businesses already stocking their shelves with “Christmas.” Is this the legacy we want to leave?  The true meaning of the Season left in the dust with our own blockbuster version of the Fast and the Furious?

Traditions.  They are passed from generation to generation and they change…they can be modified.  Somethings added, some things removed to make them unique, to keep them fresh but the core, the value should NEVER change.  That foundation that they are built on. That keystone that holds them together for years to come.  I’m glad that my parent taught me that the core, the center for them and for me for this season, and what I have passed on to my children is the Christ in Christmas.  God being the ultimate giver of the ultimate gift.

Many moons ago while working at a radio station here in town I did this reading of the Christmas Story from the book of Luke. Being a musician working at the station was like a kid in a candy store with all the electronic toys! The ability to sing harmony with myself long before YouTube and the Peter Holley’s of the world!

This year let me share my foundation in word and song. My gift to you…My savior. He can be yours too.

May your days be merry and bright…

Merry Christmas,


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