Spark to Tinder

 Spark to Tinder
by Carey David


From spark to tinder to glowing embers
Then flames that burned my heart.
I tend the flames from wince love came
  And vowed to do my part.

The love I gave was not received
The way I had expected.
I burned for she, she not for me
And still I pined, I pined for thee.

The days to months, then months to year
The time it quickly passed.
Then all too soon and all to fast
I knew it’d never last.

But don’t despair for that you’ve lost
Rejoice in that you found.
For better to hear that voice of love
Than silence with no sound.

From spark to tinder to burning embers
Hot flames that scorched my heart.
The flames now doused, the light fades out
The embers?  Still glow in the dark.


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