Hurricane Carey

As I sit in the midst of Hurricane Matthew pounding its way up the coast of Florida I realized that today is October 7th, 2016.  An anniversary of sorts.  There are special and important dates in each of our lives that serve as landmarks, rest stops, and guide post.  Moments when we can remember with vivid clarity where we were, who we were with and exactly how we felt.  For me there have been a handful that have impacted my life in a powerful way;

calendar April 14th, 1959…June 5, 1982…June 8, 1983…September 11, 2001
February 7, 2014…June 2, 2015…July 21, 2015
December 24, 2015…September 11, 2016
and Today

If you’ve journey with me you’ll recognize some of these dates because we have shared them together.  There is no need to describe the events chapter and verse.  I know the story…I wrote the book, and am still writing just the same way you are living the story of YOU.  Some of these checkpoint have been filled with joy, some with sadness, some with regret, some with reflection, some recalculated my path but all have led me to this moment in time.  They are threads woven together that have created the tapestry of me.  My yesterdays learned from that help prepare me for my tomorrows.

And today.  Today is not what I would describe as a celebration but it does mark the anniversary of a parting of ways.  Of my divorce.  It may not be looked upon favorably by the church or by those who believe in the institution of marriage but life is too short for  people not to be happy…truly happy.  Don’t get me wrong I believe in marriage, but now understand that there are times when people grow apart despite their best efforts.  I no longer grieve, in fact I am experiencing more joy on a daily basis that I would have ever expected and I hope, my wish for the former Mrs. David is that she is happy and content with her life as well!  So, here’s to today.

Next year will roll around sooner that you I know it and no doubt many more experiences will be had to add to my calendar of life.  I will remember Hurricane Matthew who is ending up being more bark than bite and I will remember sitting on my bed listening to Laura Pausini accompanied by the wind swirling outside my open window as I write these words.  But mostly I will remember the people that are attached to my “dates.”  They are part of what makes my “dash” (1959-TBD) worth living.  To each of you that made a mark and who continue to decorate my life…Thank you.

“Regrets…I’ve had a few.  But then again…too few to mention…”  I did do it My Way and will continue to do so.  I’ll take it all.  The good and the bad.  The richer and the poorer.  And if those regret serve to be a lesson to others whether taught, shared or observed through my experiences and actions then I will not consider them regrets at all.


4 responses to “Hurricane Carey

  1. Tears. . .

    I shall be telling this with a sigh–Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. . .


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