A Calm in the Storm

Welcome to Florida and storm season.  The Governor has already issued a state of emergency as we prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  No doubt even now the grocery stores are a bustle with folk scurrying for the staples of bread, milk, toilet paper, and water!

I was just thinking about how hurricanes are like life and like people. Maybe that’s why we give them human names. Turmoil all around wreaking havoc and destruction.  A general path that can change in an instant. But in the center calm, single minded, focused.  It’s core from where it draws it’s strength or becomes it’s weakness.  If centered the storm around it stays strong and powerful.  If diffused it becomes confused, weakens leaving only little more than moisture on the ground which is quickly dried by the sun and forgotten.  The same is true of the human condition.  Become the eye of your storm.  Slip into the drivers seat of life that you deserve and where you have the power to create whatever you want.  Your track may vary and change directions many times over the course of the years but that’s what makes the journey exciting!


BE the eye of the storm.  If we reside there by being true to ourselves first, then surround ourselves with like minded people we can create a sense of peace that creates joy regardless of our circumstances.


You are Strong…you are Powerful…you are the Calm in the Storm.

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