Your Valentine is Your Life

This is not a day late and a dollar short it’s a snapshot of a year ago today.  My journal entry from the day after Valentine’s Day 2016.  I wish I could take credit for the title here but I cannot.  It is a brilliant stroke I heard from a friend of a friend but perfectly resonates with our annual day of love that we seem to have become so infatuated with but the 364 days that follow.  I didn’t realize how quickly a year passes by until I received the “On this Day…” notification on my phone.  Oh, what a difference a day, a week or a month can make.  New Year, New You, New and improved perspective.  I’ve decided to keep all that is good and build on that.

Your Valentine is Your Life!


“Right here, right now she is enough. For the moment I choose not to seek love but to let it find me. It may be with someone new but for now, my heart remains hers. It is content, it is safe, and most importantly…it is happy. If I have to wait on romance I will wait with the passion I still feel for her. And perhaps as we walk on our parallel path of growth and healing she will catch up with me. I am willing to slow my pace and wait for her, encourage her, support her in her dreams, and to love her for all that she is and all she is becoming. I count it not a burden but a blessing.

Why? Because I love you…with all that I am.”

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