3 Coins in a Fountain

It was late July of 2015 and the Birthday Girl was in the mood for a little pre-birthday celebration with friends.  It was spontaneous and short notice with only a few of us showing up to hear a fabulous local artist (Miranda Madison) perform at a quaint little place called The Corkscrew where you can actually make your own wine.  The 4 of us had a grand time chatting, listening to the 1940-1950’s stylings of Miranda as we danced, laughed and enjoyed each others company.

13260112_809160499185733_5702963172313922093_nA few hours passed and another impromptu decision…why don’t we get a bite to eat?  Sure, the evening was still young as we celebrated not one more year of getting older but a year of new friendships.  More great conversation accompanied by yummy Italian dishes and how can you go wrong with that conversation?  There were a few cards and gifts given and the Birthday Girl’s face lit up with a smile reminding me of children opening their presents on Christmas morning.

As we left Luigino’s full and satisfied we came upon a fountain on the way back to our cars.  “Let’s make a wish” said one of the group as she dug into her purse reaching for pennies for all of us to offer the bubbling water.  One wish…Two wishes.  I was the third to toss my coin in the fountain after some thought and there stood the Birthday Girl.  The first to receive her penny and the last to make her wish but it seemed like it was more than just a wish as she stood in front of the fountain, eyes closed.  This felt like more of a prayer than a wish to me.  She opened her eyes, gently dropped the coin in the fountain and watched it drift to the bottom joining hundreds of other “wishes.”

On the drive home I was curious as to what people had wished for.  I think that’s human nature to be inquisitive.  Those that “wish” quickly are generally done just for wishing sake with no expectation it will come true.  But the Birthday Girl was different.  Deep in thought, no hurry to offer up the penny to the pond, and that when she made her wish there was a feeling of expectancy that they would really come true.  It was almost like she was praying to God.  Reverent, sincere, heartfelt.

The next day I sent her a quick text to share my observations with her.  I wasn’t asking what she wished for that was between her and the fountain but I did want her to know that I noticed and it gave me a sense of serenity.  Her reply?

“…Health, Peace for myself and for the world, and Love.”

I thought to myself how introspective this was.  How simplistic in a complicated world. Health, Peace, Love.  Like those 3 little words “I love you” that when said with a pure heart can change a bad situation, change a person and change the world we live in.  It gave me comfort, it gave me hope.

Each time I see a penny or a fountain it takes me back to that July evening of friends, food, and fun.  But more importantly takes me back to the memory of one penny dropped in a pond that represents health, peace, and love.  I too wish this for myself and all of humanity.



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