Patience Carey, Patience

I just have to remember,
“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”
Lord knows, I have never had so much patience and so little at the same time. I want to run before I walk, to walk before I crawl, but I am still in my infancy. Still here I am on my knees praying one day I can share all I have journaled with this amazing gift you have given me. I know my patience is a good investment.  Although it is hard it seems all I can do through the waiting is smile…and then smile some more! I feel wholeness with her. Like the tuning of two instruments. You are my perfect pitch and as I listen closely to you the dissonances dissolves, the waves disappear as we play not in unison but in harmony. Like a chord. The notes being are more beautiful together than alone.

There are times when I have played a piece of music and didn’t fully appreciate all that it had to offer. Not to my ear but my soul. I believe that we are in the same orchestra, playing the same Symphony but while my heart is hearing the second movement hers is just hearing the first. So I am willing to count my rest, to wait patiently and listen to the beauty that surrounds me.

Don’t let me music die within you.

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