E.O.S. (End of Sentence)



 EOS? It’s a term used by the Penal System that means End Of Sentence.  The day an inmate is released from prison.  There’s a phrase we are all familiar with; “No one gets out alive.”  What a sad commentary on life.  Are we to live without hopes, dreams, purpose, and passion?  If we are, then welcome to world in which many exist.  A world that tells you you’re not smart enough, strong enough, and not good enough to deserve what you do not have but desire.  Until you decide to block out the noise and care not what the naysayers speak.You will wake, you will work, you will eat, you will sleep, and you will do it over  and over again. Day after day after day.


When will you choose life over existence?  You may think it’s too late but it is never too late.  No matter what your age you can start now.  It’s about changing your mindset from don’t to do, from can’t to can, and won’t to will.  Will you change your thoughts that will change your actions to a road paved with faith? A goal to focus on, a desire to finish strong, and make a difference for yourself. Will you change your thoughts to inspire others to do the same.

Welcome to my world, a world of possibilities.  What matters is not your EOS date but what you do as you chalk mark on the wall until you are free. Only to find that by making the most out of every day you are already free.

This is the lesson,(among many) I have learned from our Men in Blue’s Gavel Club at the Marion Correctional Institution Work Camp.  Their Toastmaster experiences have enriched their lives and thereby mine.  The lessons I have offered have been far exceeded by what they have taught me.  Confined to a compound they are not bidding their time. They are making the most of it as they prepare for life where confining gates will become gateways to the opportunities they dream to create.  Where razor wire fences will no longer impede their climb to success.  Once a gavel convicted them, now it frees them.  Make no mistake there will be challenges for these Men upon release but aren’t there challenges for us all?  These Men are preparing one day at a time – EVERY DAY.  They are learning communication, they are learning leadership, they are learning prosocial behavior, and they are sharing those skills and teaching them to their other Brothers in Blue because they want to make sure everyone gets out alive.  I think one of the Men said it best in a recent speech when he quoted Pete Rose.

Practice the game the way you’re going to play the game. Practice hard and play hard.”

And then he added, “Because life is not a game.” Those words still resonate in my ears.  In the military they say, “Prior proper planning prevents poor performance.”

So I ask you and myself.  What is standing in your way from experiencing and embracing a rich fulfilling life?  What bars need to be removed from your window?  Does the past hold your heart hostage?  Is your shackled soul in search of that key that will release it?  That key is YOU. Find your lock; insert your key, turn the knob and throw the door open to the wonders that await you in creating an extraordinary life.  You have everything you need right now and will acquire the things you need as you move forward.  Make today the day you want more, you dream more, you live more.

Make today your




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