I Can Write You One…

beanie babies

It was 1996 and I was working as the Promotions Director for 2 local radio stations when Ron and Denise walked back into my life.  We had known each other as we all worked at Circuit City and now they had a new venture.  Sebastian’s Trading Company.  It was the time when Beanie Babies and the sort were all the craze and they were opening up shop.  They knew the type of sound they were looking for for their commercial but couldn’t seem to find exactly what they were looking for.  Something light, fun and had a calypso type sound.  While going over their copy I said, “Why don’t I write you one?”  They said sure and so I did.  They advertised on our stations for several years and it was always fun to hear their spots on the radio know I was part of their creative process.  Let the music play!

Sebastian’s Trading Company (click here to listen)


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